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Deep Chains on top of Brokat3D

Andreas Maschke’s Brokat3D script is a great script to create a very beautiful type of fractal that resembles cloth brocade patterns.

With FA4, you can create a Variant script list that is applied to every fractal created by the main script.

Lets see what this Variant script list does on top of the Brokat3D main script:

  • prependNewPreGroup
  • addPreLinear
  • prependNewPreGroup
  • addPreLoonie

A script list is a list of 1 or more variant scripts that will all be applied (in order) to the fractals created by the main script.

The script list is easily created by simply selecting a script in the table and clicking the Add script to List button.

This script list randomly adds (66% chance) 2 Pre variation groups to some of the transforms created by the main script.

You can see that the Deep chain approach, using Variant script lists, is a simple, easy way to get exciting new fractals based on other random fractal creation scripts.

Compositing Examples

There are 4 Render Modes:

  • Standard
  • Transparent
  • Composite over Color
  • Composite over Background Image

These render modes are available all throughout the app.

These are all composited inside the Fractal Architect app. The radial gradient background images were created with the Acorn app.

You can use the Transparent render mode to create images suitable for compositing in another app like Photoshop.

First fractal is a standard render. Next one is composited over white color.