Release Notes for Update 1.2.1

Available Now as a Mac App Store update for Fractal Architect!

Changes for Version 1.2.1

New and Improved Features ================

  1. Gallery contents can now be changed. Put your own favorites there.
  2. Added Export for Apophysis 7x (File -> Export for Apophysis 7x). Creates a flame file that Apophysis can read.
  3. Added + Linked button to Transforms table, which adds a new Transform that is linked to the currently selected transform by chaos. (The chaos weight from selected transform to new transform is 100% and 0% to all others.)
  4. Improved parsing of  flame files created by Apophysis.
  5. Added chaos and linked transform tutorial to help manual.
  6. Rendered PNG files are no longer added to the File -> Open Recent list.

Bug Fixes =========

  1. Fixed the Flame “temporal_filter_type” XML attribute value to be “box” and not “ga” when defaulted.
  2. Fixed File -> Render Image to File using Flam4 GPU accelerated renderer with very high quality settings > 9,000.
  3. Fixed error logging from background thread.
  4. Fixed drag & drop from Preview window with new unsaved random flame, so that it drops a “randomFlame_nnn.flame” into Finder (was leaving Picture Clipping before).
  5. Fixed crash from spacebar press on Interpolated view (when no frame has been selected).
  6. Fixed interpolation/slider manipulation of these text fields on Triangle Editor.
    Flame Params Tab: hue, highlight power, brightness, gamma,&  vibrancy,
    Dimension Tab: x, y, scale, zoom, rotation