Version 1.2.0 Update now available


  • Completely support all features of the flam3 renderer.
  • Functional completeness for static fractal image creation.
  • Prepare for fractal animation.
  • Support for Fractal transform “chaos” (sometimes called “Xaos”) for default renderer.
  • Support for all of the many flam3 render engine parameters.
  • Drag and drop entire color maps from the Color editor. Color values now show the HTML color code. (You can edit those directly too).

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Hiding all windows

Question: How can I hide all of Fractal Architect’s windows?

Answer: Fractal Architect menuThis is easy, just use the Hide Fractal Architect menu item.

The keyboard shortcut is: ⌘H

To un-minimize Fractal Architect windows, use ⌘-Tab to cycle back to the Fractal Architect app.