FA 3D Version 3.2 Release Notes

This app update has been released to the Mac App Store by Apple.

Changes for Version 3.2.0 (Video Animator)

This primarily bug fix release emphasizes getting perfect quality fractals from GPU rendering.

  • It fixed the noisy images and ghosting seen on certain fractals (those that used strictly linear variations) when rendered on the GPU.
  • It provides a way to work with fractals that do not render properly because they require higher fuse iterations than an average fractal.
  • It provides workarounds for specific GPU type’s specific OpenCL bugs.
  • Apophysis and Flam3’s Supersampling and Spatial Filtering is now supported.
  • Video Rendering has been improved and render performance has been doubled for renders that use motion blur

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Render Performance on 2013 Mac Pro


The render performance using the 2013 Mac Pro’s twin GPUs at the same time varied between roughly 20x and  28x faster than using its very good 6 core Intel Xeon CPU (using the Fractal Architect 3D OpenCL CPU renderer).

When restricted to using a single GPU as the render device, the render performance varied between roughly 11x and  16x faster than using its CPU.

Render performance improvement varies from fractal to fractal.  Continue reading Render Performance on 2013 Mac Pro