OpenCL/Metal Rendering on Intel GPUs Works !

Fractal Architect version 4.5.0 submitted to Apple today (Dec 14, 2016) makes it possible to use either OpenCL or Metal GPU rendering with Intel processors.  This capability requires Mac OS Sierra.

With Mac OS Sierra, it seems that all Intel CPUs (2013 and later) having Intel HD, Intel Iris, or Intel Iris Pro GPUS can now take advantage of either OpenCL or Metal  rendering for HUGE speed increases. For example, a 2013 MacBook Air gets approx. a 9x speed increase !  That is like a baby going from crawling to Olympic sprinting.

On Macbook Pros and iMacs having both a discrete AMD GPU and an Intel processor with its integrated GPU, you can use both GPUs together for rendering. This gives you almost twice the rendering speed !

Thank you Apple for giving us great OpenCL and Metal drivers on Mac OS Sierra !!

Note: Older versions of Mac OS and Macs produced in 2012 or earlier may have compatibility problems. (But CPU rendering works fine.)

3 thoughts on “OpenCL/Metal Rendering on Intel GPUs Works !”

  1. I hope you read your comments:

    1. The email I sent to you came back with an error.
    2. There is no forum.
    3. The Facebook page also doesn’t exist.


    Beatrix Willius

    1. Sorry but at least I keep the app updated regularly. I have no way to fix Apple driver issues.

      Russian spam bots brought down the forum. Then a couple of years later, the deactivated forum was found to have malware. So it has been removed.

      All of the app revenue is used to buy test hardware. There is no money to hire someone to do good web support.
      GPU rendering is very, very expensive to support. Maybe GPU rendering should be removed from the app?

      I work full time on the app (I have never been paid for my time) for the last 8 years. It is a hobby project for a tiny micro-niche. If I tried to price the app according to the cost of development, I would have no users.

      I don’t know how to solve this problem without help.

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