FA 3D version 3.2.2 Release Notes

This version has been released by Apple.


Changes for Version 3.2.2 (Video Animator)

This release fixes compatibility issues that affects certain Macs having multiple GPUs.

Added support for Multiple GPU rendering (usable only on Mac Pros).


1)  You can now use multiple render devices together for rendering.

Advice: Don’t select both CPU and GPU for rendering at the same time. It is substantially slower than using the GPU alone.

On the 2013 Mac Pros, select both GPUs, but not the CPU for rendering.  This will  give you roughly twice the render speed compared to using a single GPU.

2) Added “Force OpenCL program rebuild” as OpenCL troubleshooting tool to Render device selector and Preferences

3) Added Sampling Level statistics to render logs and Render State window

  • Sampling level is a base 2 logarithm of the mean histogram hits per pixel

  • Some feel this is a better way to measure render progress

4) Added changes to KeyFrame window to allow duplicate keyframes

  • can drag fractal from keyframes window and drop on Preview window to append duplicate keyframe

  • can drag and drop a keyframe in keyframes window to create duplicate

  • can edit the duplicated keyframes in Triangle editor and change them – useful for keyframe animation

5) Rendering progress dialogs are no longer auto-hidden when you switch to another app

Bug Fixes ====================

1) Fix for render device selection not working correctly on some multiple GPU Macs

2) Fix for Triangle Editor changes made to a specific keyframe that are not showing up in frames window and not being properly saved