Version 2.4.2 Release Notes

Changes for Version 2.4.2 (Firestorm)

Improvements =========

1) You can drop a dragged fractal onto the Preview window’s Frames button and it will be appended as a new keyframe.

2) All random transforms now have their Rotates property set (Rotates property allows looping animations to rotate the transform).┬áPrior behavior was that the Rotates property is randomly set – which could cause some fractals to not show looping animations.

3) Cross-Breeder can now pull keyframe changes made by you when editing the keyframes with Triangle editor.

4) Fractal document is auto-saved before Animation rendering.

Triangle Editor’s Quick-Spin Interpolator BugFixes ========

1) Fixed: Using Quick-Spin interpolator to change variation weights might change the wrong variation weight.

2) Fixed: Quick-Spin interpolator would apply the wrong interpolation value when you choose one of the interpolated thumbnail images.

3) Fixed: Quick-Spin interpolator would not reset the fractal back to its original state, if no interpolated thumbnail image was chosen.

Other BugFixes ========

1) Fixed: Loop-Morph Animation producing all-black frames

2) Fixed: Flame Text view (shows fractal definition as XML text) might show the wrong frame or thumbnail’s definition.