Version 2.4.0 (FireStorm) Release Notes

Its time for a new release. This was released by Apple on December 12, 2012.

Changes for Version 2.4.0 (FireStorm)

Dedicated to the 360 families that lost their homes from the Waldo Canyon Fire June 2012

Retina Mac optional HiDPI rendering is now supported ========

On Macs with Retina display, you have the option of rendering at 2X HiDPI resolution for slightly better appearance.  Note: rendering these HiDPI resolution windows takes 4X longer to render than at standard resolution.

Default is standard resolution (faster rendering for slightly worse image appearance). You can toggle between Standard and HiDPI (Retina) resolution at any point.

New 2X HiDPI rendering preference on Macs with Retina displays.

On Preview window, you can switch resolutions from Context menu (opened with right mouse button click) or by key shortcut: Cmd-2

When opening an image file on Mac with Retina display, images are displayed at same resolution as Preview app. You can switch the view to standard resolution, so it appears 2X larger.

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