Bug Fix release 2.3.1 – free update on Mac App Store

Two serious bugs and a number of minor improvements/fixes for the new functionality in the Folio release. This release fixes the blank Preview window bug on Mountain Lion for Macs with Nvidia GPUs.

Changes for Version 2.3.1 (Folio)

Improvements =========

  1. Copy/Paste of multiple keyframes now supported with both Stash and Keyframes window
  2. QuickLook Folio Preview now is same aspect ratio as the first keyframe
  3. QuickLook Preview Image is now rendered when the file is saved or autosaved.

BugFixes ========

  1. Fixes the blank Preview window bug that only happened on Mountain Lion & Macs with Nvidia GPUs.
  2. Fixed crash when generating Random fractals with Make Random window in Lion Full screen mode
  3. Margins for Folio set on the Batch rendering dialog now work right
  4. Fixed creation of Quicklook previews (for Folio & Movie)
  5. CUDA renderer fixes: Batch rendering now can make Folio and/or movie;  Render Direct to Video created video now has correct colors

Performance on MacBook Pro 2012

Update (10/16/2012)

Version 2.3.2 on either Lion 10.7.5 or Mountain Lion 10.8.2 now supports OpenCL rendering using the Nvidia GT 650M GPU. This runs 5.5X faster than rendering with the CPU. (measured on Retina Macbook Pro on Mountain Lion 10.8.2)

Using CUDA rendering, on a non-sandboxed app (on Mac Lion), the GPU rendering performance is the best yet seen on Macs.

The CUDA render runs 7.2X faster than the OpenCL render on the Intel CPU on a Macbook Pro 2012.

OpenCL rendering on Intel CPU is 38% faster compared to last years 2011 Macbook Pro. CUDA rendering on Nvidia GT 650M is 2.78X faster than OpenCL rendering on ATI 6750M with last year’s 2011 Macbook Pro.

OpenCL rendering on Intel CPU (Macbook Pro 2012) is 2.6x slower than OpenCL rendering on ATI 6750M (Macbook Pro 2011).

On Mac Lion, you have to have a non-sandboxed app to run CUDA. Apps on the Mac App store have to be sandboxed and can’t run CUDA.